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Tata Sugih Mineral aims to support development of derived fuels plant to prevent global warming. We focus on developing and consulting “ energy saving products “

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Stockpile Operation Business

Location : Sumatra and Kalimantan
Loading Service : We provide loading services, We own and operate our conveyors

• Foreign matters are eliminated by equipped sorting system, the ground is paved with concrete floor.
• procured materials are stocked by ourselves at our own StockPile.
•Ballance of space of stockpile can be rented. (charged)

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Loading Business

• Our stockpile is located very close to the loading point of cargo ships. and loading Is executed by automatic air transportation system from stockpile.
• Balance of space of our stockpile and loading system can be rented.(charged)

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Procurement And Sales of PKS

• A long-term seles and purchase contract with government - owned plantation(PTPN) is planned to be made.
• The price is fixed for long period of time to realize stable long-term supply and reduction of the price fluctuations risk.
• Our supply network, which mainly consist of government-owned plantation, has high reliabilityregarding contracts.

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Privacy Protection

We definitely realize that we owe a social responsibility to securely protect any and all personal information that we obtain through our business activities.

Therefore, we promise to provide the high quality of service and the safety of all our customers and employees.

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